I have 10-year old twin girls. Because of my work in education policy, I knew how important it was that my girls read well by third grade to be successful students. I am asking you for the chance to make sure that more children succeed.

In my day job I work on education policy from budgets to curriculum. It’s troubling to read our school district budget and find millions spent on “consultants.” That money would do so much more in our children’s classrooms.

Along with other moms, I chip in to buy supplies teachers need for their classrooms. If we didn’t, they would have to buy it alone. I don’t need a consultant to see that something is wrong.

I serve on my School Site Council and the Local Control and Accountability Plan Parent Advisory Committee. It’s been frustrating to see what’s going on and not have the power to change things. I’m pleased that Mayor Darrell Steinberg, Supervisor Phil Serna and Councilmembers Eric Guerra and Jeff Harris have endorsed me.

If I earn your vote, I will be a School Board member with children in elementary school. We need at least one. Thanks for considering me.