Leticia’s priorities for school board include:

  • Making sure that our limited resources are directed to classrooms, students and teachers—and not spent on consultants.
  • Investing in our future by prioritizing preschool and early education so our students have the proper foundation for success.
  • Expanding teacher training and recruitment efforts so all of our students are taught by high caliber educators.
  • Creating before and after school programs for middle-class families.
  • Providing dual language immersion, STEM/STEAM, arts and music education at all schools.

Here is my 5 point plan to address the SCUSD budget crisis.

1. Acknowledge and accept responsibility for the $66m deficit, and stop sweeping it under the rug. Yes, the gap has grown again — to $66m!

2. Cuts start at the top: administration and bureaucracy.

3. Establish strong oversight and accountability processes for outside contracts and consultants: https://www.google.com/…/education/article216399165.html

4. Aggressively craft a plan to increase student enrollment: decrease absenteeism, expulsions, suspensions, and grow graduation rates and preschool. All these efforts increase ADA and bring new revenue to the district.

5. Use my professional experience as an education policy director to identify new state and federal funding opportunities to support/grow programs.